For Instructiors

1) Go to to purchase Book 1. Read the instructions very carefully and give it a try!
2) If interested in moving past book one, our company sells Books 2 & 3 to select instructors. Contact Lee@
3) If interested in books 4-8, instructors must become OOP Certified. Click "Get Certified" above to learn more!
-Special Educators
-Music Therapists
-Piano Teachers
-Music Educators
-Occupational Therapists
-Schools/School Districts
-Brain Balance Style Centers
-Individuals without a degree/certification job experience in special needs field
-Other related professionals

For Students:

1) Click "Meet Our Instructors" above to see if an instructor is available near you!
2) If not, refer your local Special Needs School, School District, Music School, Occupational Therapist(s), Music Therapist(s), etc. about OOP. If someone you recommend and connect to our company, you'll receive two months of free lessons once the instructor becomes certified!
-Down's Syndrome
-Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation
-Traumatic Brain Injury Victims
-Cerebral Palsy
-PTSD Victims