About Us

Lee Stockner is a self-made inventor, music educator, special educator, business owner, program creator, instructor trainer, author, publisher and innovator. Being a learner diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder himself proved problematic and he never followed through with formal education, but took it upon himself to learn in all situations. When approached to work with a student with Autism, a natural talent emerged and he shortly thereafter began working at a school for students with severe Autism.

When approached to teach students with disabilities so severe they’d never be able to learn traditional music notation, he created Lee Stockner’s Music Box Method™ to give these students an alternative language of music that is Special-Needs-User-Friendly. Soon, Lee was ready to create a curriculum based on this new language and his company, Music Lee Inclined Guy, Inc., published Occupational Octaves Piano™. Occupational Octaves Piano™ features a full mainstream curriculum written in his Special-Needs-User-Friendly language of music, Lee Stockner’s Music Box Method. Now, as Mr. Stockner grows the group of Occupational Octaves Piano™ certified instructors, he has been featured in NY’s Newsday, Fox 5 NY News, joined an expert panel for an Autism & Music event at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, was a guest lecturer at Queens College (NY) and has trainees around the world.




Occupational Octaves Piano offers:


  • Special Needs Piano Curriculum – Paper & Digital
  • Training & Certiciation – For Professionals With and Without Piano/Music Backgrounds
  • Wholesaler/Retailer Relationships
  • Cloud Based Data Collection & Analysis Tools
  • Consultation




My 13-year old son, who is diagnosed with Autism and struggles to find successful and rewarding experiences, has taken piano lessons with Lee Stockner for over a year. Lee Stockner’s Occupational Octaves Piano method has helped my son to learn in ways I would not have imagined possible. My son is now able to be focused and disciplined for a 45 minute lesson without tiring, has learned to read music via Lee’s adapted notation, and has gone from playing simple one-handed pieces to playing with both hands. Now, he goes all the way through more than a book each lessons and plays between 30 and 40 pages of material from books 4 and 5 of Lee’s curriculum. My son is delighted when it is time for his lesson and clearly enjoys learning and playing. It often has a calming effect on him and it seems to tap and exercise his intellectual abilities in a unique and deep way that almost nothing else can. I am so happy for my son that he is learning to enjoy the challenge, stimulation and pleasure that learning to play the piano, and music, gives him. In 2016, he performed at a special needs recital after only a few months of lessons to applause and we look forward to his next performance.

-Susannah and Bob, Dix Hills, NY