The needs of special learners span physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Plans for maximizing a lesson for one student may prove fruitless for another. Conversation, analysis, and strategy on a student-by-student basis is often necessary. Joining the Occupational Octaves Piano team means having constant support for your company/program including:


  • New & Existing Student Analysis
  • Marketing Material & Guidance
  • Discounted Book Rates
  • Discounted Online Subscription Rate
  • Listing on
  • Video/Phone Conference & Support
  • Program Development Assistance




  • Pre-Certification Level – Work directly with Lee, the Occupational Octaves Piano creator, for 6 months with full evaluation, lesson structuring, and follow-up analysis of two students. Record video of your lessons for constructive criticism, design goals, and track outcomes on the OOP digital platform. For instructors who choose to move on levels 1-8 and permanently add being a certified instructor to his/her resume, cost of pre-certificaion will be deducted from purchase of main package.
  • Levels 1-8 Main Level Certifications – Each certification level corresponds with experience teaching from each book of the 8 book Occupational Octaves Piano series.
  • Mastery Level Certification – After a minimum of four years of teaching OOP, with a minimum of 20 students per week, and having completed Level 8 Certification, instructors make qualify to teach at the Mastery Level. Mastery Level instructors receieve the highest level of certication and the ability to train up and coming Occupational Octaves Piano instructors.


Who We Support:


  • Schools
  • Districts
  • Educators
  • Piano Teachers
  • Music Thearpists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Music Educators
  • Teacher’s Aides