OOP School Of Music

A New Music School for Students
with Special Needs!


This summer, the Occupational Octaves School of Music will officially open its doors to the public, offering lessons for the special needs community:

With this flier, you have EARLY ACCESS to book lessons before your optimal time slot is gone. Our doors are open and we are ready to start lessons right away!

Lessons are primarily taught by Lee Stockner, creator of Occupational Octaves Pianoâ„¢ (as featured on Fox 5), and his staff. Staff members are either certified teachers/therapists or trained directly by Lee.

Accepting students of various ages and challenges!
Direct e-mail: Lee@OccupationalOctavesPiano.com
Call: (516) 457-1111

Facebook/YouTube: Occupational Octaves Piano
Twitter/Instagram: @OccOctavesPiano