A Mom/Music Educator Uses OOP with her Son with ASD

I purchased books 1, 2, 3 for my son who has ASD and playing the piano for four years. My son could not scan from left to right. Scanning is a priority skill for reading and writing. Piano was next on the list when other activities failed. I can play and I started to teach him. I begin with:

Skill Area: Scanning
The target skills:
Play right hand
Play left hand
play both hands.
The concept of the music box rings have improved my son’s understanding and he’s ready for “Piano Literature Book 1,” comprised and edited by Faber & Faber. He completed book 1 fairly quickly. Now he’s speeding through book 2 alongside “Piano Literature Book 1.”


As a parent and a graduate with a MA. in educational technology, I teach children with disabilities on how to use iPads and communicate their needs and wants. When I say I love your Occupational Octaves Piano books, it does not describe how happy I was to discover your books on Different Roads to Learning website.

The ASD population is growing. Specific degree holders are not the only ones employed to educate and improve the lives children/teens with ASD. Parent advocates who can play the piano should have the support and certification to promote their children’s engagement in music. Thank you.

– Pippa K.